pic1Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  is a direct descendant of one of the oldest and continuously practiced systems of medicine in the world, and can trace its roots back 2500 years. Ancient Chinese realized human being can live a healthy long life if their life style harmonizing with the universe.  The treatment is the adjustment of time and space of your body through acupuncture, herbal medicine, and many other method to get body to its original balance, the harmony inside and outside with universe. It developed to a very sophisticated and rational system of medicine over years, and helped Chinese going through all the plague, famine, and many other natural disasters.Today, TCM continue to develop in modern and exciting way, and is widely utilized around the world by more than a billion people. It is truly a world class medicine system! Hopefully the modern technology can be advanced enough to explain the mechanism of TCM in the near future

About the Author Huimei Zhang