Bad breath, bloating, sore throat, tooth grinding and drooling at night are symptoms we’ve all experienced, but have you ever thought it was from overeating?

Most of people try to eat healthyfoods such as grains, high protein meats, and veggies, but, the action of eating is a huge spending of energy, and can often result in the symptoms above.
Do you know even as you eat food, you are being drained of your energy, and in a way, being consumed? 
Eating is a dynamic process of using the energy within our body to convert the food which we consume into more energy. The energy from our body creates various digestive enzymes which transforming grains, vegetables, fruits, and animal meat into our own flesh. In this process, the energy which was previously in the food is transformed into energy now in our body.
Eating certain healthy foods, will use a very small amount body energy, but on the other hand, eating unsuitable food, or eating too much, will consume a lot of body energy. When we don’t have enough energy to digest all the food we eat, the food we’re too tired to digest will stay in our body instead of being filtered for nutrients, and will be the direct factors to cause abnormal blood lipid, glucose, and uric acid, etc. After a continued amount of time, it can develop into serious diseases.
Remember: Your access to food may be unlimited, but the energy your body has isn’t.IMG_9017 
The key is to waste as little effort consuming and digesting food while intaking as much nutrients, or energy, as possible . To do this, we need to maintain the balance of the bod, and eat foods which contain things we lack. For example, daikon radish would be preferable for someone who over eats a lot, instead of more heavy foods. New mothers who have just delivered their new child should have a bowl of porridge made of red sorghum with dates, which can help remedy the loss of Qi and blood during birth.
One of the most important reason to eat healthy foods is: Foods all have their own purposes and natures. Let’s compare rice and wheat. Wheat symbolizes increased or accelerated nature, while rice symbolizes nature reduced or blocked. For people who easily lose their temper and have high blood pressure, rice is more suitable. On the other hand, for the people are always being tolerant instead of speaking out, and are hiding from being in public or are depressed, a wheat product will be a better choice. As you probably can now see, there is even huge difference between daily staples most people think are very similar, rice and wheat.
Sometimes the nature of our body is complicated, and hard to understand. In cases, a little help from TCM doctor can be necessary.
One more thing that needs to be mentioned is the preparation and cooking of food. Proper cooking can help us to finish the digestion and absorption job which would otherwise have to be done by the body, and is a great way to conserve energy. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula, “Promote Digest”, also known as the “Digest Ease Tablet” works wonderfully well for simple lack of digestion issues caused by overeating, but, if symptoms last, or if other discomfort appear,  you may need to contact a TCM doctor.

About the Author Huimei Zhang