Traditional Chinese medicine is founded on the principle of Yin & Yang balance theory.

The following 15 days starting from today December 7 ( “Big Snow” season) is the time when Qi of Yin reaches its peak in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is the last period when the Qi of Yang starts to kick in.

During these 15 days, as it is getting colder, our body will react differently based on how much Yang energy we have preserved.

It is easier for those who have plenty of Yang energy, but for those that lack Yang energy, some extra warm food such as curry and red-pepper may needed.

The simple way to handle this is to add some spice which is full of hot energy into your vegetables and meat, such as onion, spring onion, ginger, cinnamon, red pepper, curry, star annex, etc. The food will be easier to digest with these spices full of Yang energy.

Advice to the people with cardio disease:

Winter is a hard season for people have Cardiovascular disease.

The severe cold weather can cause your blood vessels to shrink. For those who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood density, the shrink of blood vessel will make the blood clogging situation worse.

For these people, should reduce the meat intake to prevent more fat accumulation inside your blood vessel. Instead drinking some TCM tea formula with JueMingZi, SanQi, DanShen, and some moderate exercise to metabolize extra cholesterol are very important.

Advice to depression and anxiety:

Winter is also the season for the relapse of depression and anxiety, but their treatment is different.

For depression: Too much sun light will damage the skin, but too little is not good either. Less sunlight exposure will reduce the stimulation of growth factor, and cause the feeling of depression and unhappiness.

In the noon time, it is good to go outside to get some sun light, eat some colorful fruit like orange, tangerine, these seasonal fruits are the best gifts full of brightness and happiness from the nature.

Sometimes life is cruel to us, suffer through varies painful experience, all your scars is the riches experience. You can call the positive power in the universe to heal your past, that is unconditional love, a bright, kind, mercy, warm positive energy. So, listening some music from Mozart, or watching some movies full of positive influence are also very helpful.

For anxiety: insomnia

In TCM’s five element theory, winter stands for water and cold, too much cold water irritate the fire of the heart where our soul is hiding, and result in insomnia and anxiety. we can reduce the symptom through some simple methods at home:

1. Soaking your feet with warm water (about 110 Fahrenheit ) for about 30 mins till you feel all body warm up before you go to bed.Press the point YongQuan (1/3 of the bottom of your foot) to advocate foot blood circulation. This method will help the insomnia patient with cold hand and feet .Note: not recommend for diabetes patients or people have wound and cut on the feet.

2. Put a warm towel in your belly GuanYuan point (3 inches below belly button) to help blood circulation too.

3. Using Moxibustion treatment for your GuanYuan point.

Advice for nocturnal enuresis:

Nocturnal enuresis can be caused by weak kidney Qi. Winter coldness make it worse. Keep yourself warm all the time. The care advice for people suffering from insomnia is also suitable for here.

Many diseases that get worse in the winter are related with deficiency of Yang Qi. That is why we need to keep our body warm in the winter, and make some adjustment of our lifestyle – dress warm, eat warm food, and plenty of sleep.

Talking of sleep, I would like to add a couple of words here.

In an ancient TCM book thousands years ago, it recommend us to sleep follow the sunlight cycle.

In another word, when sun goes down, we need to go to bed, then get up next morning when the sun rise up. This is the best way to keep you healthy. In winter, it is naturally has longer night, so we should sleep a little longer accordingly to restore all the energy.

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