Welcome to Nature’s Balance Acupuncture website. My name is Amy(Huimei) Zhang, California licensed acupuncturist. Before I moved to US, I lived in Tianjin China and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My journey at TCM has been long and interesting, My mother is a doctor of TCM so I have been around traditional Chinese medicine my whole life. I also studied medical laboratory technology and worked as a licensed medical lab scientist in a hospital for a while. I have three wonderful sons and a loving and supportive husband.

We moved back to China eight years ago when my youngest sons were born so I could be close to my family, and get my master degree in TCM. My parents and older brothers were helpful during our time there, and my husband and sons love Chinese culture.

Now I start my Acupuncture practice in Santa Cruz California, using this website to help to chronicle my business and my path forward in the amazing field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

About the Author Huimei Zhang