In traditional Chinese medicine, most health issues are caused by external etiological factors and internal etiological factors. External etiological factors are natural elements. These include wind, coldness, dampness, dryness, heat, etc and attack the body and cause sickness. Internal etiological factors are emotions such as anger, worry, over thinking, sadness, fear etc. Long term internal etiological factors can overload the body cause health issue. In modern society, there are more internal etiological factors that can cause health problems than ever.

Lately, I have several patient’s health issues related to their mood. By coincidence, I also saw this poem on a Chinese website. I translated it into English, so more people could benefit from it.

      Forgive everything before going to sleep,    IMG_9662-300x218

forget our body’s fatigue and discomfort

closed your eyes as you lay in bed

enjoy the peace at the moment

forgive everything 

all the mistakes and misunderstandings that happened today

they have all already happened, and become the past

just accept life as it is

forgive everything before going to sleep

Everyone has their own path

the separation will come after all the crossing of lives

we have to learn to accept the unpredictability and give ourselves a break

forgive everything before going to sleep

do not recall other’s mistake and misspeakings 

do not be the focusing point of negative emotions

or the starting point of the negative energy

No discomfort is needed.

forgive everything before going to sleep

you might have a lot of memories

but no matter what you remember

either a good or bad thought

forget all of them when you wake up, for you have no need to remember them

forgive everything before going to sleep

till the sun rises up next morning

the sunlight will fill your room

and your soul

when you open your eyes

you awake a new person

About the Author Huimei Zhang