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How Traditional Chinese Medicine Looks at Disease

trash-woman2Regarding any disease, from Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) standpoint the human body has no disease but has only the reaction of dispelling illness.. which causes disease.

We often look for a way to get rid of a problem through external means such as taking medicine and surgery, etc.

This is just like if you were to get rid of your trash can, the trash will be everywhere. We miss the key point to eradicate the source of what generates the trash.

For example, the whole medical field is devoted to pumping in so much money and resources for inventing new drugs and technology to kill bacteria or cancer cells, yet they do not pay enough attention to why those bacteria and cancer cells regenerate so fast in certain bodies.

The chemo & radiology treatments can kill cancer cells, but it can only kill those cells in your body now, not the new ones that WILL be created later.

Similar to a wet surface that will grow mold, if you only get rid of mold, but not take the time to dry out the wet surface, mold will grow again.

Another problem is the fact that chemotherapy and radiology treatments are very destructive to your body. Many people die from after treatment because their bodies are weak, not from cancer.  Our body will probably find another “trash can” in a hurry during the treatment, often it is more dangerous compared with the original trash can.

woman-eatingTraditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) believes our bodies have the ability to defend ourselves from the illness factor’s attack and dispel the inner toxic factors too. The illness will show up only when our own system is not strong enough to fight it. Except for some unexpected severe injuries, there are only a few major reasons that caused the illness:

1 Unexpected or extremely severe weather change.

2. Out of control emotional unbalance.

3. The improper amount and quality of food intake.

If we can keep the calm and simple mindset, adjust our lifestyle when the season changes, and stay on a healthy diet, we can effectively cut off the “trash resource”, and nourish our core energy and life essence to have a happy, healthy and longevity life.

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what to do when you can not get rid of stress?

u=2352983220,2377149051&fm=27&gp=0Modern life bring us countless stuff that made our life more sufficient and enjoyable, but at the same time, it also created more opportunities for us to exposed to all kinds of stress– work, family, finance, relationship, and health issue, etc.

You’ve tried changing to better diet. And doing more exercise. Attending Yoga or QiGong class, and following advice on how to deep breathe. And you’re more conscious of not always acting on your emotions. All of these probably reduce your stress level, but you know you have a long way to go until you’d consider yourself “happy.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) might be able to help you to fill this gap. Acupuncture treatment can bring back your unbalanced body Qi & Blood flow, and recharge your energy. There are bundles of herbal formulas can help improve your mood with all -natural botanically sourced remedy. These powerful ancient formulas can help for depression, anxiety and irritability as long as you have the correct TCM diagnosis.

Though it may seem like depression or moodiness arise from external factors, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, psychological disharmony has a core physiological root cause. It has a lot to do with Liver Qi, Heart Qi and blood, and Spleen Qi. When all the meridians are flowing unimpeded, our body, physically and psychologically can be strong enough to cope with the external stress factors when the meridians are flowing unimpeded.

Courtesy warning: TCM herbal formulas only benefit you if you need it to bring back your body’s balance. It does not do you any good if you do not need it, it might have opposite effect instead if you take the wrong one. Recommend to see TCM doctor before you decide to take any herbal supplement.